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Sunday October 25, 2020

Royal Botanical Gardens

(Inside the Auditorium)

680 Plains Rd. W, Burlington, Ontario

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Show Hours

10am - 4pm




Children 12 and under Free

ATM on site.


Free Parking

important notice

Food Allergy Disclaimer

Because this event is hosted in a multi-use venue, we cannot guarantee that we are 100% free from gluten. All visitors to the venue must be aware of their health situation, read ingredient labels and signs and take appropriate precautions. 

All vendor products at the Gluten Free Goodness Expo are gluten-free and celiac-friendly. However, not all items in the show are certified gluten-free. Some products may be manufactured in a non-dedicated or shared facility and meet certification and government requirements. Gluten Free Goodness Expo can not guarantee that every product in the show is free from cross contamination of gluten.  It is up to each individual to read labels before using, consuming or purchasing products.

The inclusion of brand name products, services and advice of exhibitors does not imply endorsement in any way by the show organizers. Show organizers take no responsibility for discussions between visitors and exhibitors, nor for any situation that may occur as a result of those conversations.

Furthermore, show organizers disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the information presented, products sampled and/or purchased at the show. 

By entering the show, visitors agree to advocate for their individual health situation, read ingredient labels and signs, take appropriate precautions and carry necessary medication. 

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy your experience!